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Organic Apples

When the tree you fell from smelled of patchouli

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"What was to become of the kids like me who had been denied meat, exposed to free love, and given nouns instead of names? What future lay in store for children who were raised with no boundries, who knew about drugs and Janis Joplin and the female orgasm, who were never instructed in the art of personal hygiene, who were alienated from mainstream culture, who were taught to questions authority, government, the social order? Certainly such children would be ill prepared to participate in 'normal' society, much less join the Junior League. At best they would be maladjusted; at worst, sex-addicted, atheist, communist artist." -Chelsea Cain

The idea for this space grew out of reading the book Wild Child: girlhoods in the counterculture, and though the book itself consists of soley women who grew up in an alternate universe, this community is for everyone. My only rule is to please have your posts relate to growing up in the counterculture.

This is a community for people like myself who grew up with "hippie" parents (whatever that means). I am not a "hippie", and as my mother constantly points out, no one born after 1970 really can be. I am the offspring of hippies, and have spent my life trying to find where I fit. I am one of those kids that will never fit in to normalized culture (no matter how much we may want to sometimes). Sometimes we want to gush about our parents' endless stash of weed, and sometimes we want to rant about our parents' behavior upon meeting our in-laws. We take the good and the bad, because you can't choose your family (even if they tell you that you came to them in a trip once and were born nine months and two days later).

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